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It’s no secret that one of the crucial elements of successful SEO over the years has been link-building. That is still as true now as it ever has been. With all the changes for SEO, whether it is algorithm updates, a switch to mobile-first indexing or the increase in voice search, link-building has remained a constant for success. 

As with most things of value, link-building is not easy to do well. We’ve all seen low-quality link-building efforts, who hasn’t received an email offering 100’s of cheap/free link opportunities from some unknown company promising the world. There have been libraries worth of content written on link-building but a lot of it can be summarised into creating good quality content, engaging (and maintaining relationships) with relevant, high-authority websites who will share and link back to said content

Now, this is where digital PR comes in as a powerful ally to achieve success with your link-building campaigns. PR agencies, consultants etc. are engaging with creating and maintaining relationships with exactly the type of people (and their websites) who brands could benefit from earning links from. The PR’s know exactly the type of content which engages with publishers, upcoming features and how to nurture a relationship which means they’re front of mind.

With all that powerful insight and relationship building it can be a huge asset to brands to earn genuine, relevant and high-authority links to boost their SEO presence. Let alone the added benefit of the PR coverage, brand awareness and referral traffic itself. 

We have worked with several PR consultants on a client by client basis in the past but were delighted to be approached by the PR, Comms and Content agency, Siren Comms to work alongside them on various projects for their clients. Firstly it’s been a pleasure from a working relationship perspective as our team’s gel so well, but importantly it means we can both offer an improved overall service to clients.

Ultimately clients often want one thing, growth. Whether that comes via PR, digital, word of mouth or traditional marketing, when you dig a bit deeper it always comes back to growth. Therefore if we can provide an integrated service of PR, Comms and Digital ultimately that’s a win for the client. With the added benefit they don’t need to manage multiple external agencies and try to get them to working together in harmony.

It’s no surprise we’re seeing more content on the power of Digital PR and SEO in the digital space, lots of industry writers and thought leaders are championing this relationship. It’s not necessarily new, but it’s becoming more common as brands seek integrated agencies that can provide a full-service offering. And we’re delighted to be able to provide that offering through our successful partnership with Siren Comms.

Written by John

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