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I was delighted to be granted a spot on the pipeline generation boot camp (aka Project Lion) earlier this year with the legendary Dan Tyre (the 6th employee at HubSpot). I wasn't sure what to expect, but I certainly wasn't prepared for the wealth of knowledge I'd pick up in 8 shorts weeks which just flew by.

Always be helping

Sales is often a dirty word and evokes thoughts of slick, suited salespeople trying to persuade you to buy something you don't really need or want, where the conversation is 80/20 in the salesperson's favour. That is one of the reasons why HubSpot's approach to sales is so refreshing. Instead of the well-known saying used by those described above of 'always be closing' HubSpot use the must better 'always be helping'.

This resonates with me particularly as we started our agency to do just that for the dozens of talented business owners we work with across London and beyond. I'm a big believer of 'win-win or no deal' which in some ways is the same. Ultimately we only want to work with brands we can help - it's a much better relationship when everyone wins. So 'always be helping' suits the Trellis values down to the ground.

Warm calling

One thing this course taught me is that people do want to hear from us, because we can add value and businesses need what we do. I knew that of course to an extent otherwise I wouldn't be here but it's a boost to hear and provides confidence when making calls to brands I haven't otherwise spoken to before. In all honesty calling prospects (beyond when they have directly enquired) is not something I've done much of. It was the hardest part to overcome but the most powerful skill I sharpened during the boot camp.

Sales & marketing or 'schmarketing'

I'm marketing biased but it was also an eye-opener to see how closely sales and marketing or 'schmarketing' (as Dan puts it) should be working together. And that as an inbound agency we're really a growth agency and not a marketing or sales agency - we even changed our copy to reflect this. 

Video prospecting

We also covered a great new way to reach prospects through video emails. This is basically by using a tool such as Loom you can video yourself reviewing their website and adding some tips which you send to them via email. No-one else is really doing this so it's an innovative way to catch prospect's attention.

In summary

  • Always be helping
  • If you make the calls you win the business
  • Sales & marketing should be in harmony
  • Dan Tyre has some energy (it's infectious!)
  • HubSpot is still awesome!

Finally I also met a great bunch of fellow agency owners helping businesses grow from around the world which was brilliant. It gives me a load of energy to see people working hard and being so supportive to see each other's agency grow and prosper - shout out to cohort 1517! 



Written by John

I look after all things strategy, client relations, business development and managing our wonderful team (I do sleep, occasionally!). My drive to get up each morning is working with talented business owners to help you grow your brand through digital. Outside of Trellis you’ll find me at a sporting event, either watching the boxing or following my beloved Nottingham Forest.